Protect America Review

Monthly Monitoring Fees

  • Protect America – $41.99
  • LiveWatch – $29.95
  • ADT – $28.99

Minimum Contract Period

  • Protect America – 3 Years
  • LiveWatch -1 Year
  • ADT – 3 Years

Number of 24-hr Plans

  • Protect America – 3 Plans
  • LiveWatch – 4 plans
  • ADT – 3 Plans

Customer Service Availability

  • Protect America – 80%
  • LiveWatch – 61%
  • ADT – 100%


No Installation Fee

Home Automation

Video feed

Mobile Control

In-depth Review

Protect America gives you the basic equipment free of charge when you sign up for their service, potentially saving you a lot of cash. As a result Protect America comes in third in our reviews.


Fees & Policies

Most companies charge an early termination fee, however the fee at Protect America is 100% of what you still owe. These fees are balanced out by the low upfront costs, free basic equipment, no down payment, and reasonable monitoring fees, which make the overall fee structure about average in terms of the companies that we’ve reviewed.

Monitoring Services

Cellular connection, broadband, and landline connects are all used by Protect America’s monitoring services. They also offer a mobile app that lets you communicate with home automation devices like smart locks, thermostats, and lights. Moreover, it includes a live video stream, though this comes with an extra fee.

Their two-way landline connection does offer a unique feature. Usually when your alarm is trigger there is a delay before the monitoring station is notified to allow you to deactivate the alarm. The two-way landline opens a voice channel to the monitoring station allowing you to directly call for help or inform the station that everything is alright.

Installation & Support

All of Protect America’s devices are self-installed. However, the installation process is easy to do and the included instructions make it even simpler. You can also have a representative come out to install your system, but this will generate an additional fee. Their support staff is available via email, as well as live-chat during regular business hours.

Their most basic package contains three door or window sensors, one motion sensor, three window decals, a control panel, and a yard sign. Protect America’s highest-end package comes with 14 door and window sensors, one motion sensor, a yard sign, three window decals, and a control panel.

On their website you can also find other equipment, such as glass-break detectors, garage monitors, cameras, and much more. They also have a line of pet-immune equipment if you have large pets and want to avoid setting off the alarm accidentally.

You can call customer support to get help with malfunctioning equipment, and Protect America ships any replacement devices immediately. They do not offer in home repairs you need to order a new device is yours breaks while under contract.


Protect America offers good equipment at a reasonable price, along with quality service. Some may be turned off by the lack of professional installation, but installation gets easier all the time thanks to advances in technology and a growing technical literacy in the public. Their low upfront costs offset their high cancelation fee, making Protect America a solid choice for your home security system.

Protect America