Link Interactive Review

Monthly Monitoring Fees

  • Link Interactive – $34.99
  • LiveWatch – $29.95
  • ADT – $28.99
  • Protect America – $41.99

Minimum Contract Period

  • Link Interactive – 3 Years
  • LiveWatch -1 Year
  • ADT – 3 Years
  • Protect America – 3 Years

Number of 24-hr Plans

  • Link Interactive – 3 Plans
  • LiveWatch – 4 plans
  • ADT – 3 Plans
  • Protect America – 3 Plans

Customer Service Availability

  • Link Interactive – 62%
  • LiveWatch – 61%
  • ADT – 100%
  • Protect America – 80%


Equipment Choices

Home Automation

Instant Alerts

Mobile Control

In-depth Review

Link Interactive may be setting up the model for how home security monitoring services function in the future. The company has a very online-heavy model for business, which results in a lot of DIY. You select and order your equipment, and do the installation yourself. The equipment selection is good and the company even has a deal with Costco to get discounts on both equipment and monitoring.

Fees & Policies

The monitoring fees offered by Link Interactive are among the lowest out of companies that we reviewed. This is somewhat balanced out by the higher one time startup costs that their customers face, but these one-time costs quickly become overwhelmed by the month to month savings.

Another unique aspect of Link Interactive is their contracts. Link offers some of the simplest contracts that we were able to review. You pay 100% of what you agree to unless you cancel your contract in the first 30 days. While they are straightforward, these cancelation fees are well over the industry standard of 75%.

Monitoring Services

There are three different alarm plans on offer from Link. All of the plans can be altered and amended to customize them to your particular wants and needs. These services can cover a broad range of equipment sold by Link, including thermostats, locks, cameras, motion sensors, window and door sensors, smoke detectors, and more. The cost of each service is clearly described on the company’s website, making it easy for customers to understand what they are signing up for.

Installation & Support

Link Interactive offers a number of different support options. You can reach them via phone, email, or live-chat. They also have a wide range of helpful FAQs, guides, manuals, and videos on their website, which is to be expected given how internet heavy the company’s model is.

Installation is fairly easy, as Link programs all of your devices before they are shipped to you, which means that when you receive them it is just a matter of putting the devices up and turning them on. Every device they offer has a walk-through guide, so if you want to change your options you can easily reprogram your devices on your on time without having to worry about calling support.

One area where Link Interactive is lacking is in the warranty department. Their one year warranty is the shortest out of the companies we reviewed, and, when combined with their newer style business model, my make some customers nervous.


Link Interactive is the company to go to if you favor the streaming entertainment over cable lifestyle. Their internet support options are excellent, as is their selection of equipment. However, the short warranty and high cancelation fee hold them back from being in the elite class of our home security monitoring companies.
Link Interactive