When you leave home, you want to make sure that everything is safe. In this country, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds, so having a home security system in place is smart. Thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to monitor your property from your cell phone. This offers peace of mind at all times. Here are some of the top home security systems that will work with your smartphone.

Guardian Protective Services

Guardian offers a number of security plans, and they all have a way to be controlled from a smartphone. This provides the ability to guard against intruders and other issues, including fires. Anyone who spends a great deal of time away from home will welcome the interactive monitoring. To avoid hassle, installation is quick and is performed by professionals.


LiveWatch is a security system that protects homes from all sorts of hazards. Burglars, fires, and other issues will never be a problem and are constantly viewable. The cellular monitoring offers 24/7 coverage and often brings insurance discounts. With the Mobile Pro Service, you can set or disarm your system on your phone or control your lights, locks, and house temperature.


According to Consumer Advocate, Vivint is one of the best home security systems on the market. Thanks to the company’s “Smart Home App,” a person can always view his or home at any point in time. It is possible to control the house’s locks, lights, and temperature from anywhere. Also, alerts and notifications are sent directly to an owner’s mobile unit.

FrontPoint Security

A major advantage of FrontPoint is its use of cellular in all of its offered packages. Thanks to this feature, a homeowner does not require a landline. The basic level of protection is meant to detect theft, fire, and environmental occurrences. It is possible to update to an “interactive” package, which allows for home automation. The “ultimate” package provides remote video access on a mobile device. All equipment is simple to install, and homeowners enjoy top quality customer service.

Cellular home security systems provide communication between the units and the smart devices and bring a number of benefits. For example, they provide 24/7 monitoring abilities. Also, they are extremely dependable and work even if a burglar cuts a home’s landline wires. The above security systems are just a sampling that work with cell phones. They offer top function and are worth considering for added peace of mind.