Frontpoint Home Security Review

Monthly Monitoring Fees

  • Frontpoint – $44.99
  • LiveWatch – $29.95
  • ADT – $28.99
  • Protect America – $41.99

Minimum Contract Period

  • Frontpoint – 3 Years
  • LiveWatch -1 Year
  • ADT – 3 Years
  • Protect America – 3 Years

Number of 24-hr Plans

  • Frontpoint – 3 Plans
  • LiveWatch – 4 plans
  • ADT – 3 Plans
  • Protect America – 3 Plans

Customer Service Availability

  • Frontpoint – 72%
  • LiveWatch – 61%
  • ADT – 100%
  • Protect America – 80%



Variety of Equipment

Temperature Control

Mobile Control

In-depth Review


Fees & Policies

Frontpoint offers three different plans when it comes to home security monitoring. They have the Protection Plan, Interactive Plan, and Ultimate Plan. All of Frontpoints plans are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure your homes safety. Even better, their basic Protection plan includes fire and environmental monitoring, which is something that most other companies charge extra for.

Aside from the basic plans, you may find that your fee structure differs based on the particular customization of your home. You can expect extra fees for things like live video streaming or glass break sensors. When ranked against the other companies we reviewed, Frontpoint came in 6th place for fees, meaning that there are plenty of cheaper options available on the market.

Monitoring Services

Frontpoint can monitor a number of different circumstances, depending on your particular equipment set up. This includes things like temperature changes, natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and flooding, which sets it apart from other home security monitoring companies. Additionally, they use wireless equipment to help customize your home security to fit your needs.

One place where we found Frontpoint lacking was in two-way intercom communication. Unlike some of its larger competitors, Frontpoint does not offer two-way intercom communication. This can become a big deal if you are faced with an emergency and cannot access the phone, so customers who fear falling or becoming trapped may want to look elsewhere.

Installation & Support

Frontpoint’s equipment is incredibly easy to setup due to its wireless communication. That means you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment or running complicated cables and wires through your walls. Moreover, their flexible offerings ensure you’ll never have to get and set up more than you need for your home.

Support is an area where Frontpoint comes into its own. They have one of the best FAQ sections out of any company website. These contain walkthroughs and troubleshooting advice for equipment, and if you cannot find the answer you are looking for they also offer phone, email, and live chat support. The equipment, though good, only comes with a 3 year warranty, which is much shorter than the warranty offered by some of the other security monitoring firms we’ve reviewed.


Frontpoint is a solid and reliable choice for home security monitoring. Their flexible packages mean that you can customize your plan to the needs of your home, and their huge support library and live customer service rank among the best in the industry. However, the lack of two-way intercom communication, as well as the slightly higher than average fees, keep Frontpoint out of the top of our lists. They are still worth checking out if you want the latest technology as well as incredible flexibility and customer service.
Frontpoint Security