AT&T Digital Life Review

Monthly Monitoring Fees

  • AT&T Digital Life – $39.99
  • LiveWatch – $29.95
  • ADT – $28.99
  • Protect America – $41.99

Minimum Contract Period

  • AT&T Digital Life – 2 Years
  • LiveWatch -1 Year
  • ADT – 3 Years
  • Protect America – 3 Years

Number of 24-hr Plans

  • AT&T Digital Life – 3 Plans
  • LiveWatch – 4 plans
  • ADT – 3 Plans
  • Protect America – 3 Plans

Customer Service Availability

  • AT&T Digital Life – 100%
  • LiveWatch – 61%
  • ADT – 100%
  • Protect America – 80%


Alarm Control

Home Automation

Instant Alerts

Video Feed

In-depth Review

AT&T Digital Life Smart Security was formed when AT&T acquired the company LifeShield. The system plans offer 24/7 monitoring as well as a good deal of basic equipment, but many features that are standard for other companies cost extra with AT&T.

Fees & Policies

The basic AT&T plan comes in 7th on our list of companies in terms of fees, making it near the bottom. As a result, there are many other companies that will cost much less for home security monitoring that customers may want to look into. Moreover, AT&T charges extra for many services which are included as standard with other companies, including two-way intercom communication to speak with a representative during an emergency. It does attempt to make up for this by offering a lifetime warranty on equipment, but this effort falls short in light of the services other shortcomings.

Monitoring Services

The monitoring service you get depends on the plan and package you have purchased. However, be warned, as stated previously anything over the base package will result in additional fees. The basic service covers break-ins, door and window monitoring, motion sensors, and even an indoor siren.

You can also add services to your AT&T home security monitoring service, such as carbon monoxide detection, smoke, glass-break, and other sensors if you want to expand the protection offered by the base plan.

AT&T does offer communication through your phone and text message, as well as email. You can login to your services from any phone, laptop, or tablet. You also do not need to be a subscriber to AT&T internet services for these communication services to function, they will work with any internet service provider.

Installation & Support

The support services at AT&T are one of the companies more positive aspects. You can communicate through email, as with any other security monitoring service, and you can also get support from live chat or over the phone. Their website has a helpful FAQ section as well as a number of tutorials and guides. We didn’t encounter any wait time when we tried calling on the phone, a rarity for that type of customer service.


AT&T is a good service if you are only concerned about break-ins and home invasions. However if you are also looking for protection from environmental threats or fire, you should be prepared to pay quite a bit extra. Their phone support service is well above average, but their higher-than-normal fees mean that there are likely better options for your home security monitoring needs. They still warrant an investigation though, depending on your needs and situation, so don’t hesitate to look them up online or give them a call to get more information related to your particular situation.

AT&T Digital Life