ADT Home Security Review

Monthly Monitoring Fees

  • ADT – $28.99
  • LiveWatch – $29.95
  • Protect America – $41.99

Minimum Contract Period

  • ADT – 3 Years
  • LiveWatch -1 Year
  • Protect America – 3 Years

Number of 24-hr Plans

  • ADT – 3 Plans
  • LiveWatch – 4 plans
  • Protect America – 3 Plans

Customer Service Availability

  • ADT – 100%
  • LiveWatch – 61%
  • Protect America -80%



Temperature Control

Video feed

Mobile Control

In-depth Review

ADT, the largest security company in the United States, offers a variety of trustworthy and reliable security devices. ADT operates six monitoring stations across the country so you can feel secure that your home is being actively protected. That fact that so many security companies compare themselves to ADT demonstrates the edge they have in the market. In addition to their devices and monitoring services, ADT will send a technician to your home for a consultation before you sign up. Its excellent service, competitive plans, and hands on support all help make ADT one of our top security companies.

Fees & Policies

ADT sets itself apart in that it publishes its full contract terms online to allow customers to understand the contract before they sign up. That being said, the cancelation fee is 75% of whatever remains on their industry-standard three year contracts. This can be a costly sum, though it is still better than the cancelation policy of most of the companies we reviewed.

Another important aspect of ADT’s fees and policies is the 6-month grace period you get when signing up for their services. This allows you to exit the contract if you are not satisfied with the system. This is better than most companies we reviewed, and even returns the monitoring fees that you’ve already paid.

ADT does not offer set packages for their equipment. Instead you need to have a consultation with a technician who will personalize your equipment to your house.

Monitoring Services

ADT offers three different monitoring plans for your home. These are their Traditional, Remote, and Video services. These services use landline and cellular connections. ADT also offers takeover services if you already have equipment you are happy with. This can help to save some money on the service.

The ADT Pulse app the company offers allows you to control different connected security devices in your home such as cameras, door locks, lighting, and more. You can use this system to schedule lights to come on or integrate a motion detector for added protection.

Installation & Support

ADT sends a technician to your home to help you evaluate your security system needs, picking from ADT’s vast array of devices. The system installed will monitor home intrusion, and fire. You can choose to include medical and environmental monitoring as well.

Support comes through the phone or via email. You can also set up an appointment to have a repair technician come to your house if you aren’t able to troubleshoot a problem you come across. ADT offers an optional maintenance plan to help keep your equipment working at its best.


ADT offers some services that other security companies simply do not, such as high-voltage lighting installation. Their security systems are comprehensive even at the lowest levels, but some customers may be annoyed at the need to meet a technician in their home for installation or repair.